The love of error

One good thing of not knowing what you’re doing when you plot large chunks of data is the high probability of a good surprise.


The pictures above are two different close-up renders of what happened when I accidentally transposed a device’s sample matrix of current consumption over ten seconds of usage, measured with Josh Lifton’s PLUG. I was supposed to plot 10 waveforms (one for each second), and I got a crazy mesh instead. Manas Mittal, Sanghoon Lee and me, are trying to use what we have learned in our Pattern Recognition class to make the plug learn how to recognize what’s connected to it for our final project. Manas and Sanghoon have been great at explaining me the basics of electrical engineering and signal processing.

The complete mesh graph is so massive that Illustrator CS2 never finishes drawing it, and it looks like a generative animation.


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