openstudio: search for tags


Now you can search for tags in Openstudio. You can click in the word “love” to look at an example that shows how this works. Before, only the usernames and titles of artwork that included the queried string were to be returned.

Our addition of tags to the search engine is a little defective. For example, if you search for the spanish word “hola” (it means hello), you will be returned the following art title, “Bloodella for L. Nicholas, infl. by cyeh”. The word “hola” is present in the word “Nicholas”, but not in a meaningful way. This can be a little deceitful, since you could be delivered something that contains “basement” when asking for “semen”, where it is clear that there is no semantic relation between both words (unless you look at them from the perspective of Poetry).

It felt a little strange to probe into the guts of a tool that for the last nine months I have been using just to draw and trade, and only looking into the source code every once in a while, almost always to realize again how much I don’t understand at all. Even if I’ve contributed with a very minor change, even if it actually was not my idea, and even if I could have never done it without Brent’s mentoring, it still felt like I bent the fabric of culture with my own hands.

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