Eat your media

…before your media eats you.


Cannibal Boy was created as the mascot for the PLW Cannibals. The PLW Cannibals are Kate, Kyle, guest cannibal Meg from the real world, and me. We teamed up to participate in a 24 hour build-a-prototype competition called prototype-a-thon that takes place every year during january in the Media Lab. The theme this time was about media and food. After a long night of think, design and code, we came up with eyeTaste, a computer vision augmented set of glasses that keeps track of what you eat, tries to control your habits by sending messages to an embedded display on the surface of the glasses, and loads data to a log of what you eat in a social networking web application, where you can examine your stats and correlate them with those of your friends. It’s Just another example of intrusive technology. During the competition, we were only beat by Brent’s team with their foodstckr project, and Takashi’s and Amber’s team with WeCook. Overall, PLW dominated the prototype-a-thon.

The website:

Callibrating the vision system:


Snapshot of Kate using the prototype glasses on an apple during the competiton:


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