Cities and Icons

After looking at the statistics of the Tiny Icon Factory since its creation date, in September 13th 2006, until tonight, February 22nd 2007, I formatted a paragraph that shows the City-Visits ratio between both dates in a decreasing order. 69184 new visitors and 5610 returning visitors over a total of exactly 100 cities have created 147701 icons. I really like it that Brooklyn is a separate entity than NYC, and that some of this places I didn’t even know they existed.

This are the results (world map provided by Google Analytics):


Amsterdam-1020, Madrid-772, New York-650, Los Angeles-640, Cambridge-620, London-521, Rotterdam-472, Toronto-380, Barcelona-377, Paris-342, Chicago-333, Utrecht-322, Groningen-313, Athens-301, Buenos Aires-299, Seattle-295, Brooklyn-275, The Hague-270, San Francisco-269, Mexico-265, Santiago-259, Tokyo-258, Houston-256, Singapore-255, Nijmegen-244, Austin-243, Portland-243, Rome-239, Minneapolis-230, Vienna-224, Amersfoort-216, Beijing-216, Delft-215, Atlanta-214, Enschede-206, Vancouver-204, San Diego-202, Brussels-200, Washington-194, São Paulo-191, Dallas-188, Eindhoven-186, Stockholm-184, Cambridge-183, Helmond-172, Istanbul-171, Montréal-170, Berlin-169, Phoenix-167, Tilburg-162, Columbus-156, Calgary-156, Oakland-153, Zutphen-149, Taipei-144, Seoul-143, Miami-142, Saint Louis-141, Caracas-140, Central District-139, Ottawa-134, Boston-133, Denver-132, Bangkok-131, Pittsburgh-125, Bogotá-125, Valencia-124, Moscow-122, Saint Paul-122, Breda-116, Zwolle-116, Hamburg-113, Alphen Aan Den Rijn-112, Indianapolis-112, Hayward-112, Amstelveen-112, Hoofddorp-111, Lima-110, Federal-107, Zoetermeer-107, Philadelphia-106, Auckland-106, Leiden-105, Melbourne-105, Garlasco-105, San Leandro-102, Hilversum-102, Schiedam-100, Salt Lake City-98, Cincinnati-98, Sydney-98, Baltimore-97, Somerville-97, Oslo-96, De Bilt-94, Maastricht-92, Honolulu-91, Edmonton-90, Orlando-90, Shanghai-89.

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