Inside a Movie

Inspired by the likes of Jules Marey, Eadweard Muybridge, Marcel Duchamp, Norman McLaren and Doc Edgerton, last night I used Kyle’s new image loading implementation in oGFx to fetch a 10000 frame long video loop and map it over a time progression of 500 quads. Where Muybridge was taking a single picture for each time slice, and Edgetron and Marey where exposing a collection of successive instants on the same piece of film to freeze motion, what I found most interesting of having a progression of video frames inside an interactive digital graphics environment was that I could arrange them as I pleased, and I could navigate inside of them, running over time. The motion picture was running on the first quad in front of me, and the quad behind was running the same movie just one frame behind, and the next one two frames behind, and so on, and I could look at the ghostly motion of all of them chasing each other just by turning on a semi transparent blending mode, that would let me jump inside to explore the dynamic tunnel defined by them, the three dimensional spacetime of the flat movie screen.


Oh, by the way, picture number 6000 in PictureXS is one of the screenshots I took during the video time extrusion session. I also wrote a note on the E15 blog about this, using it as an opportunity to explain about the relationship between E15 and oGFx.

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