e15 explores the tiny icon factory too

I built a qbert style staircase with 2700 icons from the tiny icon factory. The icons are good building blocks to experiment with potential strategies to build virtual architectures for populating the e15 environment in the future. Complex shapes are also good to test different illumination models. Lights, materials and all that. We want to have a good control over all these resources to use them as tools to paint different subsets of large collections of data in interesting ways. The icons, for example, have names, and these names can be used to define the material of each icon. This would help to sort them visually.

All the icons in the following illustration are painted the same way, with a slightly tealish ambient color, a redish diffuse and a white and subtle specular (and infinitely faraway parallel light rays), but I could think of changing the material of all the Popeyes to spinach green, and then it would be easy to spot where the Popeyes are in the qbert staircase.


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