tiny Wallpapers from France

Superscript from France has created a nice online wallpaper editor and repository. The tiling of the motifs is implemented in the simplest way, repeating them over a square grid. I wish they implemented something like rotations of reflections to create more complex patterns, or even symmetries that are not square, like triangular or hexagonal, but that would complicate things a lot, and sometimes it is better to have something that is somehow limited, instead not having anything at all, other than the idea of something really powerful that was never made. As limited as they might be, the expressive potential of tools like this one is nearly infinite. I also wish they rendered white as transparent so we could have different colored wallpapers just by changing the background color of the body tag, and I wish the drawing interface was more fluid, perhaps a bit more like the one we made for Tiny, that understands strokes rather than clicks.

Superscript’s wallpaper application looks like a natural sibling of the Tiny Icon Factory, and a good resource to decorate the backgrounds of your webpages. This is one of the 888 motifs already available there (you can also make your own of course, and I’m sure by the time you read this there will be at least 900):

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