Almost one year of sleep

This graph illustrates my sleeping habits from September 4th, 2007 to August 16th, 2008. Days of the year run from left to right and hours of each day run bottom-up.

The blue stripe represents from 1 am to 9 am every day, eight nice normal hours of sleep. The chaotic oscillation rendered in black represents reality. I guess this black area is approximately equal to the area outlined by the blue stripe, which must mean I’m not doing so bad. Or am I?

When I look at measured data I have a fascination for the singular occurences rather than the trends. The things that only happen once, like that day I woke up really late or that day I went to bed really early. I can’t claim to remember what was going on back then -after all, I can only manage to retain the last 10 minutes in my head these days- but I’m certain those must have been real highlights of my MIT grad life.

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