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Polaroid strikes back

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

I don’t usually write about gadgets and shit. I don’t really consider myself to be into toys that much either. I am happy with my good old laptop, a camera and a stylus tablet. Never needed anything else. However, today I ran into this little thing while I was shopping for MiniDV head cleaning tapes in BestBuy, and couldn’t help but really want it, experiencing the extreme desire that only hits you when you face a matter of life or death: a Polariod Pogo instant portable printer. There are a number of reasons why I loved it at first sight: It is wireless, it is almost the size of an iphone, the ink is already in the paper, and most importantly, it prints 3×2 inch laminated stickers out of any jpeg file you want. Instant-Custom-Stickers, godammit! I’ve been waiting all my life for something like this.

The people in BestBuy were not going to make it easy for me. The printer box and the brochures explained how to print from all supported cameras and phones, but did not mention computers at all, and the store clerk was convinced that Polaroid Pogo did not support printing for computers, at least yet. Um. Of course I should have known better than listening to him. Dubious about what I heard I decided to wait until I knew more about how hard it would be to print from my Mac. I didn’t think it would be much of a problem in theory, but you never know. I’ve bought some cheap shit like this before that never worked.

Later in the lab, I was ichatting with Mud about the printer, and he showed me a link to a pdf in the Polaroid website that tells you what to do. Pretty simple. I ran back to BestBuy and didn’t care much about not spending money on superfluous things. I have been happily printing stickers ever since, 30 cents each.

The following example shows a 3×2 crop of one of Amy’s Holga Pictures, and my Polaroid Pogo while spitting out a print of the same picture.