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Futures of Entertainment 4

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I am working with Ana Domb on this website for the MIT Futures of Entertainment 4 conference.

Thank you WordPress and Arras Theme for the engine and the template.

OpenStudio Archives

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Yesterday my friend eomsco inaugurated his flickr account with a bunch of OpenStudio drawings that he saved when OpenStudio was still a functional web application. His drawings are some of the most brilliant cartoons I ever saw in OpenStudio, and it filled me with joy to see them around again. I have my own little collection of OpenStudio drawings in flickr, and I am positive that many others must have interesting similar backups forgotten in some corner of their file systems. For this reason alone it made sense to create an OpenStudio flickr group. Buza, roadrash and burnto have already added some content to the group, and Buza has just uploaded the first 200 in a collection of around 900 user profile pages that he crawled and rendered in early 2008. If you were ever an OpenStudio user, can you find yourself there? Please join the group and share your collections of OpenStudio art if you have them.

Featured illustration: Who’s there by eomsco.