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PictureXS 20102

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

I think I created this post just to avoid letting a whole month go without updating this journal. Some subconscious sense of duty must have been triggered in the back of my mind a few hours before the month was over, and it was easy to find a topic when I discovered PictureXS just reached it’s picture number 20102. Something worth mentioning, I guess. Numerologists must acknowledge the significance of this number. Me, I’m just happy I can finally spell “acknowledge” without thinking about it.

I might close the site soon, and make it static. It has been fun, but I feel PictureXS has grown to be kind of dated, and there are a number of issues in relation to it that I would approach differently today. At the same time, I feel more inclined to start a new site rather than update it or fix it.

These are a few words that lead to some great picture collections: book, red, blue, pink, cat, snow, robot, face.