Mexico: The military as an amusement park

[Update 4/2015: I just learned Estrella Cercana is no longer online. For this reason, I just created an album on Flickr to host these images].

[Update: This work was just published in Estrella Cercana].

A pretty disturbing event was taking place in Puebla next door to the location where I gave a talk in the Gira TelmexHub two weeks ago, some kind of family weekend entertainment put together by the mexican military, where you and your kids were allowed to play with guns, bazookas and all kinds of other weaponry. Strange days indeed. Lots of grandmothers, toddlers, machine guns and helicopters. My friend Gabriella and I spent some time taking pictures of this event. The following contact sheet features some of the pics I took.

I cant help but wonder if turning the childhood playground of a nation’s generation into a militarized carnival is the right answer to the escalating criminal violence Mexico has been experiencing lately.


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