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That Obscure Object of Desire

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Last Winter, a tweet from DCardo led me to Javier Moreno’s quest in search for an illustrator. After a brief messaging exchange, Javier introduced me to Helen DeWitt’s work and explained me he was looking for a few drawings to illustrate his translation of one of her short stories: Ese Oscuro Objeto del Deseo (That Obscure Object of Desire).

To me, DeWitt was a new unknown, and discovering her a puzzling and pleasant experience. Ese Oscuro Objeto del Deseo resonated of James Joyce, Stanislav Lem, and a hint of Marvin Minsky: isolation, empathy and language combined in the form of a sort of logical-electronic post-human meta-flesh.

I am not even sure I understood the full scope of the story, but it certainly inspired me. I quickly grabbed my Wacom tablet and began doodling in Adobe Illustrator. Why did I think raw vectors were the perfect medium for my interpretation? I don’t know, but I am pretty satisfied with the result. Read the story in Spanish or find it in English, then let me know what you think.