Soledad is the third installment of a short film spherical cinema trilogy called Three Phone Calls I’ve produced and co-directed with James Kaelan. The the other two films Soledad are called Home Invasion and Overdose.

This trilogy originated from a series of discussions in search a rich —and simple— canvas to explore dramatic performance in spherical cinema. We wanted technology to take the back seat in favor of traditional acting and experiential storytelling. Inspired by the power of a well acted and directed scene in spherical cinema, and what a term like “Dogma” might mean for this emerging medium, we have produced this experiments.

We settled around the idea of experiencing difficult altercations where at least one participant would be remotely witnessing the events through the lens and microphone of a cellphone. Immigration, drug addiction and domestic abuse were used as inspiration for these altercations.

The Three Phone Calls trilogy was filmed using the Google Jump Odyssey camera system to produce 360 stereoscopic panoramas. Second order ambisonic sound was recorded for the mix. Only practical light was used. Wardrobe and locations were provided by actors and friends.

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