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Futures of Entertainment 5

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Back in 2009, Ana Domb and I designed the website for the 4th edition of the Futures of Entertainment conference at MIT. Two years later, I joined the conference’s 5th edition as an attendee. This new edition of the conference delivered a densely packed learning experience, saturated with interesting discussions, content, information and fun. Here is a small list of recommendations:

Gira Telmexhub

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Photo by @carrerajj

Last weekend, @paseusted invited me to take part as a speaker in a new technology event called Gira Telmexhub. The first round of conferences took place in the city of Puebla, where I joined an interesting group of people to exchange ideas about technology, creativity, and all kinds of social issues. A couple of projects that called my attention were presented by @terukugayama, and presented by @321adam.

I used my time on stage to tell the story about my days in the MIT Media Lab, how I got there (thank you G), who I worked with, what I learned and achieved, and how this experience helped me reshape my ideas about art and technology. Some time later, I uploaded a PDF of my slides, following a request to share them I got from a member of the audience on twitter.